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EN 60.598 Class 1 – fittings comply with class 1 (l) earthed electrical requirements i.e. functional insulation in all parts and earth termination. Allowed lamp operating positions
Class 2 – fittings comply with class 2 (ll) double insulated electrical requirements i.e. complete insulation in all parts without earth termination. In the event of an electrical fault, no dangerous voltage can reach touchable metal parts. Universal burning position
Class 3 – fittings comply with class 3 (lll) triple insulated electrical requirements i.e. designed to connect to an external low voltage supply which is the same as the internal operating voltage requirement. In the event of an electrical fault, no dangerous voltage can develop. Inflammability of surface protection EN 60.598 Horizontal burning position
Suitable for mounting in or on furniture made or semi-incombustible or normally combustible materials such as wood. Vertical burning position
Fittings made for mounting in or on furniture made of materials of unknown properties. Incandescent Candle and Ball:
Base up not allowed
Passes the 650° glow wire test in accordance with IEC 695-2-1. Lamp can be operated in luminaires without a protective shield
Horizontal rotation Lamp should be operated only in a luminaire provided with a protective shield
Vertical tilt Lamp emits a high level of UV radiation
Safety isolating transformer Reduced UV emissions
Electronic transformer Cool beam reflector
Electronic ballast/gear Not dimmable
HID lamp requires an external ignitor Protection against water contact
Ceiling cut-out – round Internal ignitor
Ceiling cut-out – square External ignitor
Trailing edge dimmable (capacitive) Ballast is required
Leading edge dimmable (inductive) Lamp should not be operated when the outer bulb is broken
Ingress protection Be aware of high temperatures when replacing lamp
Impact protection Do not hold the lamp glass when installing or removing
Minimum distance in metres permitted from lighted object Switch off power supply before replacing lamp
European Norms Electrical Certification Do not touch lamp with bare fingers when replacing lamp
Suitable for Office applications Energy saving
Suitable for Healthcare applications Treat lamp as small chemical waste
Suitable for Education applications Open packaging and read instructions
Suitable for Retail and Display applications Read instructions before use
Suitable for Exterior applications Lamp complies with legal standards
Lamp complies with legal standards
Grüne Punkt
Bowl Mirror lamps
Luminaire can be looped
RoHS compliant
WEE compliant
Warranty logo, please refer to intro pages for full details
Ball resistant luminaire
RAL reference